Margret Foulger

Norwich, Norfolk, UK


An icy wind blows through the crystal clear, but stormy night,
as I walk the sandy beach with loneliness close to my right.
Only the wind and inner thoughts holding me tight as by force,
knowing of my fading trust in a world with little care or remorse.

Stars twinkling high above, the silvery moon shining upon my face,
loneliness comes and goes like the sound of crashing waves.
Please keep me company, to ease the pain of a torn and weary mind,
you will always be one of the very closest friends of mine.

So tired of searching for answers, yet my emotions are still on fire,
tasting upon my lips, like the burning of a reviving desire.
My deepest thoughts are with you - you powerful roaring wind and sea,
I never appreciated just how graceful and peaceful loneliness can be.

Together we keep on walking, hand in hand, the endless beach,
writing words of beliefs in the sand, where the sea won't reach.
Suddenly you turned around with a smile, very slight and well concealed,
as if you were hiding a secret, a message that needs to be revealed.

Restore my faith that lies within you and lend me your guiding hand,
convinced that one day you will leave when I am able to understand.
When in the distance of darkness a warm golden light is heading my way,
carrying me to a land of hope for everyone - welcoming us to stay.
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