Marcella Marie Leasak

Edam, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mothers Take A Stand

Every generation is responsible for breaking the chain of disfunction of hatred and heart breaking pain.
If children are our future, we must make them see demolishing prejudice is their responsibility.
Why is it so hard to reach out a hand?
So we can begin to bring brotherhood back into the hearts of man.
If only one child loved just one other, it would wipe out hate.
I want to make a difference so I'll keep reaching out my hand.
To give back faith in human nature, I must take a stand.
The good that we learn is by watching others.
Not through speech, not through hate, for example through the influence of mothers.
From the moment we are born, we are put in her care; she represents what is good, kind, loving and fair.
She releases us unconditionally into God's expert care.
I believe that the answer to world peace has been here all along.
Our mothers teach us faith; they teach us right from wrong.
As mothers, so much love overflows from our hearts, we must utilize that power and give them a spiritual start.
The most important learning starts at birth until they are seven.
They must learn that God's love is the only way to heaven.
So all of us mothers must bond together as one - my hand is reaching out to you tonight.
Help me teach our children forgiveness; they must join hands and unite
Only our solidarity as mothers "can put an end to this fight!"
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