M. Shafiullah

Cheshire, UK

Love Glowing

Ukil-Bari-born, She was such a lovely woman
needs no introduction.
Our dearly Khala Amma, dearly associated forever
in our life.
She looks like an ordinary woman, but highly respected.
She was surely the Noblest and Proudest woman,
She certainly is.
She has a pride, and she has a dignity,
She knew how to behave with dignity.
A woman like her who deserves a MEDAL.
We're particularly so proud of her.
She has courage, tenacity, and enough practical knowledge.
When she want to do something, she would not let go.
She is the woman, plays a vital role helping,
and her helping abilities are so great,
She is really great, an awfully good heart,
but a great talent with a lot of skill, that's
What makes her glow.
She does glow, she does help, she was so lovely. She was the great love of children's life.
You can see the love glowing between Lady Jobdanah
and children.
Our Khala-Amma, the most popular,
She is not only popular with kids,
She is extremely popular with villagers as well.
She is the most sympathetic, most famous, most loving
woman in the history of the world.
She was known and liked to be recognized so much more.
"To me everyday is a busy life, not a lazy life,"
Says Lady Jobdanah.
She is versatile, intelligent, and the most wonderful
friend really.
Woman love her, Villagers think. She's so cool,
and easiest woman in the world to deal with.
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