Lolita Misa

Plainview, Texas

The Colors Of My Dreams

I laid down and closed my eyes
Oblivious to the vanishing lights across the skies;
Rustling leaves whispering mournful lullabies.
Softly breathing, awareness ebbing
Came sleep with a sense of peace and well-being.

Where am I? Behold what a place of beauty is this!
Pink, white, and purple flowers of countless varieties.
Children laughing and chasing flitting butterflies
Feet hardly touching the green, exuberantly dancing
Throbbing with excitement, how blessed this age of innocence.

Sunlight streaming through the windows
Woke me up from my dreams of rainbow-colored hues;
To face another day full of unpredictable problems.
Will it be a time of frustration or fulfillment?
But fears and worries were tempered by the colors of my dreams.

Standing barefooted on pure white sand
Eyes squinting towards the sparkling blue ocean
Suddenly strong winds roared by and dark clouds covered the sky.
Brown foggy mist swirling around seemed to suffocate me.
I knelt down, cold and lonely, hugging my trembling knees.

Life is fuller if one experienced feelings of varied emotions
Anger, happiness, love, hate, envy and compassion
Just like the colors that heighten the beauty of God's creations
Be it people, plants, animals, everything on earth and heaven
Colors and emotions are in life's congruence even in our dreams.
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