Linda Guthrie

Hastings, Nebraska, USA

His Search For Love Has Ended

The leaves are at last falling
And the tree its' branches bare,
Stripped of all its' beauty
And splendor which once was there.
The grass has withered and died
As the leaves fall thereon,
And the wind cries out mournfully
It's sad and lonely song.
For too soon the snow will fall
Upon the barren ground,
And in not too far a distance, I hear
The cry of a lonely hound.
His coat is wet and icy...
Tho weary, he pushes on,
For he will not give up hope
He'll find her before break of dawn.
He walks the lonely cold hard ground
As if it were his fate,
That he was meant to be alone
He'd never find his mate.
His faith was strong as he pushed on
Tho his search for love was in vain,
Hope was gone, you could see in his eyes
...And in his heart too great a pain.
For he lay down, on the cold ground
His head bowed between his feet,
At last he had given up all hope
A true love he'd ever meet.
He died that morn at the break of dawn
A tear..frozen in his eye,
His journey now so fatally ended
On the cold ground where he lie.
His search for love has ended
For loneliness had reached his very soul,
He was doomed to die in failure
...Never to reach his goal.
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