Leon Thomas Lee

Someone Has Taken My Child Away

My heart is heavy with sorrow and pain
My life will never be the same
As i look at his picture i love so dear
The one i love is far from here
Someone has taken my child away
Where i can't say
Can this be happening in the great USA
In the land of freedom the American way
Everyday and night i sit by the phone
Hoping he would call or come back home
Why did this happen to me
In a land where we all suppose to be free
Maybe the police can help this time
Not even a trace could they find
Someone has taken my child away
Where i can not say
Oh the sorrow i feel
Wondering is he alive or has he been killed
Will someone please help me
I'm heart broken as you can see
The money is not the problem for i will pay
To have my child with me today
Too many of our children are going missing each day
Really, what does our leader have to say
What would you do Mr.President, Governor, and Mayor
If this was your child
Would you say he'll be back in a little while
Would you do everything in your power and right
To see that your child would come back
It's time to be heard before all our children
Go missing or dead
Someone has taken my child away
Where, i can not say
I have one request for the land of the free
And the home of the brave
Please, please bring my child back to me
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