Leon Thomas Lee

God's Little Black Man

I found a new meaning in life
Yes, i've found Jesus Christ
I came from the other side of the track
Yet, Christ saved my life
People always fussing over my savior's skin
The only thing that matters is the love he has within
Dear Lord, help the black and white man
Help them to walk together in this land
Some folks refuse to listen to me
They can't understand Jesus lives within me
Oh, it's gonna be a happy day
To watch my savior take me away
How can man be so blind
Why not step over the line
As i walk these roads alone
I know i must keep pressing on
Yes, i'm God little black man
He gave me the will to stand
Day in and day out, i'm not going to stop
God will determine if i stand or drop
God can do what no other can do
He gave me power to love you
Money can't buy what God has given to me
I'm going to be the man he wants me to be
Stand up people all over the world
God pours out Holy Spirit to every man, woman, boy and girl
This little light of mine, i'm going to let it shine
Not some time, but all of the time
I found a resting place in Jesus Christ
No one is going to take my only true light
Yes, God pours his Holy Spirit all over the land
One day his Holy Spirit touched this little black man
What color is my Chirst
He's every color
Christ didn't die for the color of our skin
He only died for the spirit within
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