Lealon R. Tate

Oxford, Michigan

Traveling The Road Of Life

Traveling the highway one summer day
Looking at the land along the way
But there was something wrong that should not be
It could happen to anyone even you or me
There stood a man waiting for a ride
With shaggy clothes on and with no pride
We will call him Joe, we hope he don't mind
Looking at the ground hoping something to find
Carrying all he owned including his home
With a bag in each hand ready to roam
He stood there waiting to go to the next town
Nothing was found but he looked very sad
He got a ride to a wooded place
Said thanks to the driver with a smile on his face
He took an old blanket laid it on the ground
Happy to be home again, the best around
That night he looked at the stars so bright
Giving thanks to live the rest of the night
He got up in the morning with nothing to share
Hoping to talk to someone with love and care.
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