Lealon R. Tate

Oxford, Michigan

One Month At A Time

March is a good month to come and go
Something for everyone always some snow
We share St. Patrick's Day with all the bands
With the Irish Green at everyone's command
Next to follow is the sight of Spring days
Making all things of nature come what may
As the buds of the trees begin to fill out
Hoping for the grass below to start to sprout
We see the birds coming back to build their nest
Wishing to see all colors not only Robin Red Breast
At end of month Easter Sunday will come
One God to worship Love for everyone
The beautiful clothes the people will wear
Please don't forget the others who are in despair
While traveling road of life look around and care
You may see someone whispering please share
As the month passes on with no surprise at all
Just think of others and be on call
No one knows what the future will be
Just enjoy yourself now and wait and see.
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