Larry Dwyer

Nicoma Park, OK, USA

Depths Of Damnation

Unknown sweetheart, instant bliss
Embossed in fire, the devil's kiss
To grow unchecked where mortals feed
Infect the living soul with greed. Flaming passion, wild desire
Raw ambition, endless fire
To rape the world of all it's wealth
Obliterate each nation's health. Jealous need, urgent plot
Shameless deed, timeless rot
Consuming all within it's path
To wreck, destroy, and vend it's wrath. Hope alone, incessant grief
Helpless soul, branded thief
Bewildered as only time will tell
Condemned forever to fry in hell. Holy spirit, only way
States all there is to say.
Salvation, therefore, we must instruct
Before this world can self destruct.
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