Kwanza Reid

Asheville, North Carolina

So Fine

Black Woman so fine
you intoxicate like a vintage wine

Your innocent beauty
Brings peace of mind

I get visions in the air
About braids and flowers in your hair

And your mold from the dirt
in a long grass skirt

In Ebony, Jet, Essence, and Vibe
Sweet visions of you in a jungle tribe

Mystical like the orient
From God to me you were heaven sent

I look in in your eyes and they are deep
If I look too long I might get weak

And shake and tremble all over inside
My love for you no need to hide

'cause you're so strong; know what you want in life
A woman like you should be my wife

Me and you can make a wonderful team
Sounds like a dream

For a Pharaoh and his queen
We build and form our own regime

Of pyramids, Castles, and crafts from the earth
sittin' on our thrones and feelin' our worth

You and me should raise a family
Harvest the crops in our own dynasty

Of African Descendants with roots like trees
Beautiful and strong like an ocean breeze

We create and mold; hold them up to the moon
Knowing that they will grow up soon

To be a powerful young black woman or man
A king or Queen to rule the land

Let's create and style
Like two natives on an isle

God's gift to the world; a pretty black child
With shiny braids strong flesh and bones;
Descendants of Africa, he will know his home
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