Kristi Day

I Believe

In my heart you are always there
You lead me thru the darkness
Of painful memories
And walk me out into the light again
Where I can see you smiling at me
All it takes is just a word
A gentle touch from your soul
And I believe........

You take away my pain
You make me feel whole again
When I don't know where to turn
I turn around and there you are
You are the moon up in my sky
You are my shining star
You are everything to me
And I believe........

You're love will get me thru
And lead me back home to you
Where all the world just slips away
And my fears you hold at bay
You turn my darkness into light
And keep me strong thru out the night
And I believe........

Without you here with me
I'd be lost forever more
I'd stay locked behind my heart
And throw away the key to that door
You bring peace back to my nights
Because of you my eyes shine bright
And I believe........

Because of you and your love
The way you've helped me to be strong
Helped me to sort out right from wrong
I can take back the night
Make my world turn out right
So my path will lead me back
Straight into your arms at last
To go forward in my life
And let go of my past
Because of you
I believe........
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