Kay M. Sutton

Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK

The Journey

I travel towards the mountains, showing splendour and grace.
The silence holds no boundaries only time and infinite space.
Mysteries are abundant, with nature all around.
A solitary figure, listening for the sound.

Echoes, echoes all around from the sound of my voice.
The mountains deep and mysterious offer little choice.
Feelings of isolation creep upon me for a while.
But the solitude goes, and I give a little smile.

The mountains although eerie have a presence of their own
As I amble towards a downward path, I feel I'm not alone.
Gentle breezes filtering through the air an eagle hovers high.
A waterfall trickles slowly down a mountain side.

The journey I took showed me, of wonders to behold.
My guides gave me inspiration, of things yet to unfold.
Back in civilisation and the everyday events.
This journey has shown and taught me how to be content.
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