Kathleen Bayer

Richmond, KY, USA

Thomas Paine - The Emancipator

Thomas Paine - shall we see a man like him again?
A messenger for rudiments of freedom, our thane.
An eighteenth century fighter - diligent,
A life well spent, bent on denting tyranny.
His "Commonsense" and "Rights of Man"
are paragons to span the human race -
His lament for banishment of despots,
A signal from the commonplace.
His blazon stature stands for right
with arms outstretched beside the river Thet.
His light for all - a golden glow by day
a silver shimmer through the night.
Paine - a quaker, yet a tyrant shaker,
A onetime corset maker.
A nimble figure, full of vigor,
Smasher of an onerous veil.
Guarded by the plying swans, their sails unfurled.
This distinguished Norfolk " Liberty
enlightening the World"
By his star he traveled far - vied and died
to set men free.
His freedom ribbon trailed across the ruthless sea
in the eighteenth century.
His Independence Declaration
spawned spontaneous acclamation -
A man of all time, a star for every clime.
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