John King-Farlow

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Eulogy For My Mother (Hazel Guggenheim Mckinley, Artist)

Flesh lakes of Hazel's colours
Stretch out in the heat
Colours nibbling all over New Orleans
On curls of ribbons of green and wit
And across the canvases stroked by her daydreams

No academy's marble centaur
Diverts her from planting on canvas
Her teasing faces that spy on you
"She tosses away her muffins for eagles
"Far from ossified teachers of cramp"

She needs a canvas from her daydreams
With her recall too giddy for error
Sometimes she tickles upon a canvas
More sounds even than pigment
Her work plans love to erupt
Like a crater of rebels

She's a child who reversed the rainbow
Sketched through chats with artists
Hazel in teasing oils and water colours
Jests at the wash of her products
Her paint brushes have been feathered
Like Argonaut's oars curving through time
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