Jairo H. Nemocon

Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

The Americans

After 1492,
The land that Columbus and also Leif Erickson discovered while thinking that their dream came true,
Began to appear as a paradise for doers and dreamers like me and...you too. From all the vast continent named precisely: America,
A nation has prospered more than any other thanks to God and people of valuable talents who finding this country promptly say: Eureka! The marvelous country I'm talking about...
Is called just right now: The United States and its islands around. The indigenous people who first owned this country of wonders and fame,
Fought for and lost almost all the sacred ground belonging to them;
Then, some Europeans became total masters of the territory that later proclaimed that belonged to them;
So...they colonized it, and pompously annexed it in parts to their countries without any shame. With cruel domination few nations from Europe brought here many slaves from African lands;
Therefore, people from three races of the humankind gave shape to the nation until the arrival of millions of humans from the Asian lands. Today, even Australians have given their share,
To make of this country the best that can bear,
And there is no nation in the known world that has not sent here some offspring to state
That...this might be the very best country on the planet Earth. True women, and true men, of all races..., and creeds, and intentions, always come to inhabit these marvelous lands,
Then, little by little they forget their ways and their motherlands,
And here they have...their beautiful children who gladly say looking at their working hands:
"We are very proudly: The Americans."
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