Harriet H. Barrett

Greensboro, North Carolina


The call of the seaside comforts me
With pounding surf enfolding sweet visions;
Cherished memories so quietly, tenderly held
Now recaptured in vibrant, surging waves
Moving with the cadence of heart beats...
The rhythm enchanting my senses with sparkling,
Sunlit whitecaps dancing to life's lilting melodies
Across the sands of time, embracing my being
As I walk and meditate along the beaches.

Sea gulls now enter my musings with graceful,
Sweeping soarings and spannings over the waves,
Sheer serenity and harmony releasing my spirit
In flights of restoring hopes and abiding peace...
Silent sunrise splendors, dawning new horizons
Find me gloriously weaving the tapestry of infinity
Over the constant, expanding sea of faith;
Its rose and golden diadems adorning my heart
As once again I journey home with joy.
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