Harriet H. Barrett

Greensboro, North Carolina


Here in the Blue Ridge forest
Midst Springtime's dawning splendors,
My heart awakens to the spectrum
Of blossoming rainbows of vibrant colors
Enchanting my being...soft blendings
Of rose, violet, gold and blue
Caressing my soul as they spread
Across the mirror of my mind
In joyous symmetry with the quiet
Majesty of royal, ancient mountains.

Delicate flowers are dancing in the
Loving touch of welcome breezes
Calling to my spirit to follow
The winding roads on my journey
To life's lookout where once more
My eyes receive the longed-for vision:
The mighty, steadfast hills that calm,
With the aroma of cedar and pine
Cleansing my senses as I uniquely gaze
With gracious insight into infinity.

Thus perfect peace is planted
In the garden of my heart,
With mountain shadows tracing trails to
Bring me safely home at last.
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