H. J. Griffin

United Kingdom


If we should go a-walking in the pleasant country lanes
During Springtime when the small green buds are peeping,
When Nature, from her long, deep sleep of Winter, breaks her chains
And releases all the beauty in her keeping—
We contemplate resurgent life's mute message of the Spring
As in silence it accomplishes perfection,
And shows to youthful aspirants upon life's journeying
An example justifying deep reflection. If we should go a-walking in the sunny country lanes
During Summer when the fields are bathed in glory,
And fluttering larks, high soaring, fill the air with happy strains
Which impart to all around their happy story—
'Tis here, away from busy bustling scenes of restless toil,
We may find serenity and peaceful leisure,
While Nature shows again how, without flurry and turmoil,
She provides for both necessity and pleasure. If we should go a-walking in the fragrant country lanes
During Autumn when the fiery leaves are falling,
And baring boughs bear bravely meagre foliage which remains
As if thoughts of Summer days they were recalling—
Then, in the Autumn leaves we see the passing of the years,
Passing onwards ceaselessly in memory's vision,
And coloured by experiences of laughter and of tears
As unswervingly they roll on with precision. If we should go a-walking in the frozen country lanes
During Winter when the icy winds blow keenly,
And where, in snowbound silence, while fresh strength it now regains,
The unyielding heart of Nature beats serenely—
Then reminiscent thoughts recall the springtime of our days,
With their joyful moments, and perhaps deep sadness;
And, with contented feelings which advancing age conveys,
We await youth's sturdy growth with pride and gladness.
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