gabriella Blake

April 29, 2002 -LA, CA
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My world has been on fire for a long time. No one realizes. No one knows. Until today. When everyone else’s world is on fire. You finally See the flames in the distance, feel the smoke in your lungs. It’s funny, I’ve been trying to warn you for so long. You didn’t understand, couldn’t understand, don’t understand. The world is on fire. Fire scares me. It is so final. Fire turns a monument into a pile of ashes. Nothing. Fire burns. The world is burning and there is nothing you can do about it. Living with the fire means not getting attached to things, it means expecting the worst. So that’s the how goes. Everything I love gets stripped away. Everything good isn’t as it seems. Ahh fire. You keep me so warm, yet you are burning my very heart. My only heart. The one that’s for loving. Without it, I am nothing but a pile of ashes.
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