Ghita Malvina

Toronto, Canada


Through millennia, on Planet Earth
Humans began to change form and face
They craved the light, they feared the dark night
Confronted, with courage, all struggles and strife!
Their soul accepted the mysterious secrets of life.
Running through unseen distance.
They set out with new ideas on their mind,
Centuries moved swiftly ahead on the road of life
The course could never be changed by time!
Science discovered the way to get to "Space"!
Conquering universe's mysterious ways.
The vision is alive. To fly over rainbows!
To carry our wishes and hopes.
To build a better life.
To save our "Planet", make the desert thrive.
Preserve the green forest, Keep all creatures alive!
If we keep searching the wide open "Sky"!
May we shall find there - answers for life?
"Perhaps - a safe "Place"? - Another human race?
Similar to our face?
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