Gary D. Rick

Beach Park, Illinois

Romantic Stars

She said, You have to get me out of here.
Grabbing me close to whisper in my ear.
I realize you're only what I hold dear,
And losing you forever is my only fear.
Along with the back ground of acoustical guitars,
You're sending me sailing through heavenly stars.

Now, I have come up with the greatest notion.
Lets take a vacation over looking the ocean.
Rubbing in romance with sun tan lotion,
Our senses can come alive with the scenic potion.
We'll order champagne from one of the bars,
And toast to the food life under brightly lit stars.

Another idea has just rattled my brain.
Tickets for two on a slow moving train.
To view water falls in upper State, Maine.
Then walk hand in hand down some long shady lane.
Out in the wilderness away from all cars,
We both can make wishes on fast shooting stars.

Deep down inside is a raging hot fire.
You have fast become my hearts desire
Like the stars in the sky you're lifting me higher.
If I said it different, you can call me a liar.
When our first child is born and I'm handing cigars.
Deep in my eyes is where you'll see all the stars.
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