Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Well Suited

Having been unemployed for some time, I had a fresh job prospect,
As sunlit rainbow beamed jaunty colors, the last time you checked.

I really needed some good news, as my savings were almost gone;
And without the paycheck coming in, I could not hold out very long.

The year before I had been laid off, but I resolutely kept searching,
Knowing I am good at what I do, like nature is good at blossoming!

This job prospect seemed promising, but I was tense nonetheless,
Like the lapis skies that fade away, anytime angry clouds coalesce.

I began readying for the interview, with anxious hope in my heart,
And that meant buying a special outfit, so I'd look able and smart.

At the neighborhood boutique, I was impressed by a certain outfit,
It was clearly well made, a gorgeous color, with large buttons on it.

It was a skirt and jacket outfit, what a winning choice for the office,
Like milky stars shoot across the skies, in a universe that's lawless!

So I eagerly bought that fine outfit, and luckily it was just my size,
As zestful moments are the right size, to streak past us clockwise.

On the day of my pivotal interview, I seemed competent and smart,
As sunset paints the sky efficiently, before going back to the start!

I couldn't know as my interview began, that I greeted my new boss,
Like the surprise of trees every autumn, at the sudden colorful loss.

But it felt great to be working again, as I would no longer be bored,
As butterflies are full of activity, 'til they find where nectar is stored.

My work was pleasant and engaging, and I also made a few friends,
Like many blooms in one plot, have the looks of colorful girlfriends!

Before long I considered my outfit, to be an exceedingly lucky one,
Like lucky people who glide through life, always situated in the sun.

So when I had a problem, or to something weighty I was heading,
I wore my suit to bring me luck, like wildflowers rapidly spreading.

It seems every time I wore that suit, cream colored and very chic,
Everything desired I achieved, like the comet's long winning streak.

The lively summer days were on us, and the world was full of song,
There was chatter in green wood, the gold days and nights so long.

One day I was in the crosswalk, on a pathway to the emerald park,
When a fast car veered at me, like moonlight finds you in the dark.

From behind I felt strong arms lifting me, swiftly out of harm's way,
Like gray skies suddenly clearing, to put beautiful back on display!

I gushed my thanks to him, and we chatted and later on had lunch,
Like the rainbow appearing in vibrancy, as if on a mysterious hunch.

And as we got to know each other, we saw we were ideally matched,
Like the butterfly's scarlet rose, from which happiness is dispatched.

That's how I met my husband, and I wasn't wearing my lucky outfit;
For luck is a blend of chance and hard work, and that's the truth of it!
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