Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Something's Amiss

I was a successful, scientific explorer, traveling to the remote, distant lands,
Bettering noble lives of many, like budding, green spring which understands.

And every day held fruitful discovery, as when the autumn colors are flying,
Or when milky stars begin their twinkling, before a hued sun's done sighing.

My friends were also unwary explorers, and in saffron days we laughed lots,
Like spotted hyenas of emerald savannahs, laughing loudly in comical spots.

My husband and I explored distant areas together, as we explored our lives,
Like the green sea that is ever searching, amazed as destiny's shore arrives.

My fuchsia family waited calmly to see me, as the blooms endured last night,
Before the fierce, sunshine family reunion, when vibrantly colors did delight!

If I could've, I'd have explored other worlds of mystery, not unlike our own,
As a yellow, daytime sun travels forever, towards others in the galactic zone.

I lived in the house of colorful smoke, because fiery sun was always leaving,
So lost in mauve, artless moments, when pearly moonlight starts competing!

Dazzling flowers did the windswept waltz, in the gardens on Beautiful Street,
Professional dancers on that avenue of my dreams, smiling when we'd meet.

Neighbors adulated rich, sleepy August, with the lovely, backyard gatherings,
Like those endlessly long summer nights, full of beautiful, strange imaginings.

Wild, tropic summer was in tune, the days gold sun danced with ivory moon;
And lovers laughed beneath milky stars, feeling that they'd be married soon.

One day after I'd left the house, I saw a familiar world with oddness clinging,
For nearby birds quietly exuded fragrance, and loveliest flowers were singing!

Gleeful insects hummed the songs of blooms, visiting as many as they could,
And though the pearl world was magically beautiful, it didn't look as it should!

Madcap cats barked and wagged their tails, as dogs were doggedly meowing,
While trees before mystic, imperial wind, were constantly, reverently bowing.

Had I somehow entered a parallel earth, with even stars in the wrong order,
Like a daytime, gibbous moon flees, after finding itself in the wrong quarter?

People cried at jokes and laughed at sorrow, like mellow golden, sunset noon,
As mosaic butterflies flew everyplace I turned, like a rainbow come too soon!

I felt a vague growing sense of disquiet, since everything was slightly wrong,
Until I was awakened by my husband's kiss, then my heart burst into song.

And in red-orange dawn I realized, the incredible thing that had been amiss;
I had returned from a world of magic and wonders, because I missed his kiss!
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