Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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No Love Lost

For several years I'd worked as a life coach, assisting clients day by day,
Like blazing colors in the shank of the evening, chases deep blues away.

It was an occupation that I enjoyed, as helping others is very rewarding,
Like gardeners who labor long, for the artless beauty nature's awarding.

Next to my home was a blooming park, embroidered with spring greens,
With blue, pink and redbirds in lacy treetops, that were forever singing.

I enjoyed strolling and sitting there, mainly during the balmier weather,
As the tangerine sun shines for no other reason, than to give us pleasure.

As velveteen night is cool and lovely, but more so if you're out of doors,
And willing to experience the sweet bliss, by wading into its dark shores.

Those were lush days of springtime, and the peach was on the tea rose,
And old gold enhanced nature's riches, giving lustrousness to the crows!

I was at home alone one citrine day, and going from pastime to pastime,
As the clouds slowly move east to west, aloof restless drifters every time.

Suddenly the quietness was broken, by the shrill ringing of the doorbell,
As night's raven curtain falling down, is ending a dramatic colorful spell!

It was my best friend, Ruby, and it appeared that she had been crying,
Like gloom appearing with charcoal clouds, of which there is no denying!

She was sad because her romance, of three years, had suddenly ended,
Like the wind, once so warm and mild, becomes suddenly discontented.

I really hated to see my friend so blue, like the indigo just before night,
When the stars dance along the border of day, twinkling in antique white.

So, we sat and had afternoon coffee, as she told me her sorrowful story,
As the sunset has dark coral tales to tell, encompassing its former glory!

My friend avowed she was through with love, and all the trouble it brings,
Like life at the end of all apricot tomorrows, when blue jay no longer sings!

One thing that helps in these situations, is having a friend who will listen.
Like the mellow full moon oft listens, when the skies have gone crimson.

So, we set out for the park, to talk things over and to get some fresh air,
But we saw a shadow without a man, the moment that we arrived there!

Ruby saw the strange sight too, so I knew that I could not be imagining,
But we passed that shadow man on the bench, and just kept on walking.

The very air then seemed to change, and it held an oppressive stillness,
As we took the circular path around the park, in a gold yellow brilliance.

Then we saw a woman coming toward us, dressed in every shade of blue,
Sort of like the blues you can get, as you're listening to the evening news.

The path was lined with cherry trees, which bloomed sweetest fragrance,
Yet heavy sadness lingered along this path, an unfamiliar acquaintance.

Had Ruby's deep sadness impacted our environs, like smiles will often do,
And opened a passage within a passage, where people react oddly to you?

In an eventful day of strange occurrences, there were still more to follow,
Like the banana yellow days that linger on, doggedly putting off tomorrow.

Ruby and I both gave simultaneous gasps, at the next person that we saw,
Who was patting someone unseen and talking to himself like a red macaw!

The path had soon taken us back, to the silhouetted man where we started,
A mere shadow of himself prior, he seemed happy the aberration departed.

For next to him was obviously his sweetheart, smiling as they held hands,
Like the Alice blue moon of ebon nighttime, turns gardens to wonderlands.

Still strolling the circular path, we saw the lady who had dressed in blues,
Now arrayed in beautiful canary yellow, like another daffodil point of view.

She was now strolling with her lover, on the green path of fresh romance,
As lovers are often wont to stroll, in darkness when cream stars advance.

The strange man we'd seen before, had not been talking to himself at all,
But to his best friend, his beloved dog, in a zestful and familiar dialogue.

Ruby turned to me with tears in her eyes, saying she'd changed her mind,
She said everyone needed love in their lives, for to the past, love is blind!

The same is true of the world at large, regardless of race, of class or color,
Nationality, poverty, sex or religion, because all of God's creation is wonder!
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