Evelyn Blanco

Evergreen Park, Illinois, USA

A Sin

I know not what I came here for,
I know not who I am,
all my life I've looked ahead,
and never once turned back,
regrets I do have,
for the sins I have committed,
but sorry I can't be,
for that's what's part of me,
and the thoughts inside my head. Insane I called myself,
because like me you are not,
unlike me,
you can't compare,
accept and do as told,
never stop and think it twice,
if right is what is wrong,
your friends have cheered,
no guilt is feared,
the truth is what it hurts,
the truth is best,
I think not,
if your soul has dropped when heard,
heard of all the evil things,
betrayed upon that soul,
that soul believes n nothing else but love upon it's own,
belief is something else that's grown,
on my own,
not what he's told,
to come to say it's true,
grown from the angels talk,
and not the word alone,
proof I have to have,
to come to see it true,
but not when looked upon the sky,
and love is what I felt,
loving me for who I am,
through my sins,
for I forgave myself,
until I've sinned again,
for then it's time for me to learn,
the patience of the Lord,
not only that, but when I've come,
to say that I'm forgiven,
of the things I said to you,
once then twice,
the sin is now committed.
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