Edith Lo Bue

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Class Reunion Night

It was 1940 when we said good-bye
To our sweethearts and friends at Plaquemine High
We walked onto the football field where the boys once played
And the Pep Squad marched to the sounds the PHS band made
On that special night, we saw smiles on happy faces
With shining eyes looking forward to college and travels to other places
We sang "God bless America" which was fitting for the time
Little did we know that those eyes would lose their shine
In the year to follow, our boys were sent out to fight
In a war that would soon put out that light
We cried and prayed
For the boys who were so brave
In the air, on the ground, and on the darkened sea
Later, we celebrated the return of those who were free
From the blood-shed battle grounds or the prison walls
They came back hoping that behind them they had left it all
From 1970-1994, some of them entered another life
We wish they were here to celebrate on this Class Reunion Night.
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