Dr. Russell W. Nelson

Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Boy Off The Farm

Many years ago an angel sent by the Lord,
Saved a baby from being choked with a cord.
The baby grew up away from all harm,
His life very special for a "Boy Off The Farm".
And favorite to him is a picture still,
Of a child standing way up high on a hill.
There on the edge of a cliff the child had roamed,
In certain danger away from home.
And looking way up in the sky,
The child tried to catch a butterfly.
There was no one there to warn or call,
Just one more step and the child would fall.
But God who is still on the throne.
Seen to it that the child was not alone.
And instantly with loving care,
Sent a guardian angel there.
And to this day the "Boy Off The Farm".
Lives for God, away from all harm.
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