Donald O. Williams

Whittier, CA, USA

Mom - A Century Young

We are celebrating your hundredth year of life.
The passing of a century of very little strife.
We remember the happy days of our youth,
Which has brought us many years of the truth.
The passage of the years have brought few tears,
And the courage for withstanding fears.
You set the example of Christian living
Through many years of personal giving.
All who love and adore you as mom, nanny, or Alice approve
Of the depth of your nourishment of love.
Your beautiful gardens of roses and camellias
Have given us years of visual pleasures.
We are amazed with the spirit you bestow.
God bless you for the guidance which we know.
You enjoy watching television and shopping sprees,
Which you deserve the satisfaction it brings.
Today, in relatively good health and family to cheer,
Expectation is for a very eventful year.
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