Diana Kierce

Pacheco, California

I See The Light Of Life

I have Lupus, but my spirits run high, I promised myself, that I wouldn't die. I wake up some mornings, with joints that do ache, and a body so tired, and drained like a lake. I'll say to myself, I'll have a nice day, I will fight the Lupus, all of the way. I see the light of Life. An arm spasm hits, like a lightning bolt, I soothe my arm, trying to calm the jolt. As the disease progresses, into another stage, my heart beats faster, with inner rage. It can destroy your body in part, it takes its toll, right to your heart. I see the light of Life. Lupus drains your soul, like an evil sin, striking your kidneys and sun sensitive skin. Mouth ulcers and joint pain, are a common sign, that a Lupus flare will be in due time. I see the light of Life. My face becomes swollen, from the Prednisone, but some days I know, I am not alone. We Lupus patients take our life by each day, in prayers and hopes, for a cure, we do pray. What we go through each day of the year, waiting and wondering, what's next for a cure. I see the light of Life. Sometimes my face is concerned, and has a blank stare, I'm wondering when I'll have the next flare. My doctor is my only friend, he seems to know, and he does understand. Once in awhile to the hospital I go, a short stay with kind nurses, and doctors in tow. My eyes become misty, with tears, my doctor understands, my questions and fears. I see the light of Life. I have confidence that I'm in good hands, in fact, my doctor to me, is the most skilled in the land. I know in my heart, that I am a fighter, and each day to me, will be much brighter. Every day represents a challenge to me, moving forward, with an incurable disease. I see the light of Life. God put me here for a reason I know, I'll spread my love, and fulfill my goals. To people and places, that are in need, friend or foe, I'll complete my deed. When I am called, and it is my time, I will have accomplished my life line. I see the light of Life.
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