Diana Kierce

Pacheco, California

A Child's Thoughts Of Fantasy

"If only I could be—" A small willow wisp, A shadow in the breeze, A happy sound, to care around, If only I could be! A pang of noise, A child's small toy, A rolling pin to see, A flowering bloom in a tree, If only I could be! A twinkle beam from the Sun. If only I could be! A growing plant, A scrowling ant, A jasmine smell to breathe, A rock for a child to heave, If only I could be! A big red ball, And bounce the wall, A child's little bear, A curly lock of hair, If only I could be! A cube of butter melting in a pan, A soft lovely woman's hand, A peeling on a fruit, A heel of a cowboy boot, If only I could be! A pebble on a beach, A fuzzy on a peach, A sound of tumbling rocks, An old worn pair of socks, If only I could be! I'd take al these things, Mix them all up with a ring, To fantasy world I have been, A child's world of pretend! But really I'm glad that I'm me!
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