Daniel Ryan Cotler

April, 3, 1982 - West Palm
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Walking through the maze of doubt

In the maze of doubt and insecurity, I'd tread,
Gaslit and projected upon, my spirit often led,
Every turn, a challenge, uncertainties grew,
In this narcissistic grip, I questioned what was true.

With each step I took, shadows seemed to loom,
As you gaslighted me, a relentless gloom,
Navigating the maze, my mind in disarray,
In this labyrinth of doubt, I'd search for a way.

Your words, like a maze's twisting walls,
Projecting your darkness, my confidence falls,
Triangulated with others, I stood alone,
In this treacherous maze, my strength was overthrown.

Isolated and trapped, in your web, I was caught,
My doubts and insecurities relentlessly wrought,
Through this endless maze, I fought for clarity,
In the midst of self-doubt, I yearned for sincerity.

Every twist and turn, uncertainty's embrace,
As you isolated me, lost in this space,
Walking through the maze, a battle for my worth,
In the face of gaslighting, I sought to find my birth.
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