Correina MacRae

My Mom

You carried me for what I’m sure
felt like forever and on November.
10th/ 85, it was finally now or never.
Your baby girl was born,
you brought me into this big world.
Full of love for me, you raised me
for awhile and in those few years
you sacrificed and made everything
worth while.
You’ve missed so much but yet you
still know.
It’s scary sometimes because you know
things about me that I even don’t.
I love you mom, you’re my pride and joy,
as I am to you.
Your always there when for anything I need you
and your always there to fix my broken world.
When I was young you’d sing to me
and then tuck me into bed.
You kissed my owie’s better and chased monsters
out from under my bed, even the ones you
could not see.
Never thought in these days that you
would ever leave me.
However, you never really left, you stayed
close to heart.
You’ve told me yourself that a bond that a
mother and her daughter have can never be
torn apart.
Your always there when I need you even if
I cannot see you.
Phone call away
to help me have a better day.
I don’t know what I’d do without you,
I love you with all my heart
and I am very proud to be able to call you my mom.
I cannot wait until that day when from me
you will no longer be gone.
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