Correina MacRae

Love Is

Love is like the ocean
So deep and mysterious
Love is like the weather
Unpredictable, yet natural
Unguided by time or rules
Or ways or the things that
People always say.
Love is something people find
And when they do they leave
The world behind, caught up in
The feelings of having someone
There, someone to protect you, having
someone for you to care.
Love is like a big stone wall
Always strong will never fall,
Unless a boulder passes through,
Breaks down the wall and crushes you.
Love is like the birds we see,
Always singing, always free.
With hearts that guide them
Wherever they please, resting in the
Beauty of the meadows making their homes
In serenity and peace.
Love is something that is very rare
But with one special person you can share,
This unwavering feeling of hope and trust.
Fall in love, not everyone does
But when you do and know it’s true.
Just like the waves upon the sea
It will come back to you.
Reclaiming what you thought you lost,
Love will never travel far.
Because if it’s true and means so much
Love will stay in range close enough
For touch.
So if you ever lose the feeling
You may have ever had,
Just reach deep down inside your
Peaceful heart and you will realize
That love is there and will never
Travel far...
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