Cathy Bales Wilder

Asheville, North Carolina

My Mother, My Tears

For you, my Mother,
Whom for me, there'll be no other.
You suddenly had to go away,
And you still had so much to say.
Your life went out like a flame,
But I guess, there's no one to blame.
With this, I've tried so hard to deal;
Yet, it still seems so very unreal.
The Angels said your time was near
Though you never showed any fear.
You told me what they said to you,
Shouldn't I have known what to do?
The years keep passing quickly by,
I still haven't found the tears to cry.
Mother, I know there'll never be another you,
And until I can cry, I'll forever be blue.
So until I can be released from this pain
I let the tears flow like a thundering rain.
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