Carol D. Stamp

Middlesex, New Jersey

The Harbor Rock

The rock sits there so big and bare
On the edge of the roaring sea.
It's pounded by the mighty waves
And the winds that blow so free.

The gulls and buoys keep it company
on the fog-filled mystic nights
When Mother Nature flings her cape
O'er the many coastal lights.

The ship horns sound and the ferry toots,
And the shadows dance and play
As they move on out and come back in
On the ocean and the bay.

And the people scurry like fast rats
To get behind their doors
Before some harm can capture them
In the bogs and the wasteland moors.

Then at early morn the steam soars up
And coats the world in grey.
And the sun cuts through with her magic rays
And brings the break of day.

Soon the human lives with their many roles
Take their part in the many scenes.
'Till again it ends in the deep twilight,
And the world returns to its dreams.
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