Carl Balis

Glenolden, PA, USA

The Journey

And in the yellow and green of my days
I was bound by a black and blue haze.
Like a shadow in a swirling dance,
Wrapped in the rhyme of some mysterious trance.
A ghostly glow from a lost ancient time
Stalked my soul and conquered my mind. Crystal canyon, etched deep into the heart of the earth
As a cathedral's spire rises high toward the heavens.
The depth of magnificence, the pinnacle of beauty.
But the willowy breeze stirs the rustling leaves
Who seem to subtly send me a warning
With voices that say heed the errors in your way,
You still mistake night for the morning.
Autumn's ambers and reds
Leave my heart torn to shreds,
My tireless search, illusion, confusion, all cast me a cage
Of bars rooted in envy and nourished by rage.
My visions endless, so ideal, looking far over mountains to a space wholly free,
Swept by waves of wants, so unreal, to their doom like ships splintered by a furious sea. But through the fog and the din of that maze
I solved the riddle of my self-induced daze.
Knowing purpose where once I ascribed chance,
No longer drawn by the siren's romance
Nor woven by wants spiraling 'round me like vines;
Now commander of currents, the Lord of designs.
Thought Flash In a perfect place, so still and serene,
A beautiful woman and a man can be seen.
In each other's arms they perfectly mesh,
And delight in the taste of each other's flesh.
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