Bobby Marbles Mobley

Central Avenue Downtown

Hot Springs Arkansas National Park
Wok downtown and you will see
The Wax Museum or a dozen fine art galleries
The Rock and the Pancake Shop
At the Ohio Club or Monkeys Cafe you make a stop
At the Mountain Tower Water you place an order
To send home crystal sparkling drinking water
You make your next stop at the Fancy fun shop
No Clothes? or maybe Romancing the Stone
At Gizmo's Old Time Photos, you make a picture
To mail to your folks back home
Ride a Ducky if you feel lucky
The Blue Iris is a touch of class
The service is friendly and super fast
The Brickhouse Grill could be on your list
Or you might want to relax and pause and go
And watch the happy Bath House Show
You will sleep sound at the Arlington Hotel
And at Maraja Boutique you do very well
Granny's Kitchen a fine choice of eats
The Kit and Kabootle is a fine store
Located in a nice spot, here on the street
Toy Chest, Carrot Tops, Silver Safari
Are also fine shops with special treats
Heaven only knows what goes on at the Faded Rose
Maggies Pickle Cafe, Lauray Jewelry
The Joyful Cherub, Oaklawn Sportswear
Schapiro’s and Angel’s serve real fine fare
The Poet's Loft above Historic Antique Store
Are all fine shops along the way
The merchants on Central Avenue downtown
Are standing tall!
I do not have time to name them all
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