Bill Williams

Salina, KS, USA

My Lord, My Master

My Lord, my Master, thank God I can see
the wonderful things He has done for me.
He created the world in all its glory
Then He left me with this wonderful story. A story, at first, how He created man
and then fashioned woman to take His hand.
This was the beginning and the Bible explains
how He carved the rivers, the woods, and the plains. There were animals and birds, the moon and the sun.
He created all. . . and the world began.
His miraculous touch, and the way that He planned
a promise to all, for a Heavenly land. But then somewhere along the way,
man discovered sin, and the Devil to pay
and man just went on in his worldly manner
ignoring the while, this Christly banner. But our god was wiser than man could conceive.
He would show those people that didn't believe.
Then jesus raised Lazarus up from the dead,
and with a few fish, many thousands were fed. And today, His miracles never cease
for all His children that seek His peace.
No, fellow brethren, our God is not dead,
"Just believe in me," is what He had said. "And if you believe in me, I will set you free
from troubles that torment your soul.
For in St. John I have said, I want you to know,
If it were not true, I would have told you so!"
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