Bill Soboslay

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Ode To Peace

If I would call you brother:
Would you-the same-call me!
Or, If I called you sister:
Would I-still-mister be!
The joy of life is over:
If one feels all alone!
For some are isolated:
Yes, even from their own!
Goodwill in every heart we meet!
Goodwill in my own heart that beats!
For then will shine a golden sun:
Everywhere, on everyone!
It is then at last the world finds peace:
And all wars and strife can ever cease!
For I no longer need fear you:
Your fear of me will vanish too!
When he came with peace for others:
Were all men his sisters! Brothers!
Oh yes! Our father should prevail:
Without him, we still surely fail!
So thru calm waters, we can sail:
In peace, to pass beyond the veil!
May each one of us all find:
All hate and rancor left behind!
That hands may clasp, and tongues be kind:
His peace within each heart, divine!
Then his favor falls on thee:
Your! Goodwill: Then peace will be!
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