Bernadette Gannon

Clinton, Iowa

Imagine Life Rights Click Here To Listen To Imagine Life's Rights

Human life has rights to be
Walk and talk without a fee
Individuals everywhere from Adam and Eve
Enjoy the same sun and air - believe

Animals too have their rights
God gave them a purpose, days and nights
Recognize why and think of the need
Proper life for all with a world to feed

Reflect about how much you care
No pollution of water and air
Will we soon be able to see the sun?
Ozone offering us protection

How about saving soil, trees, and plants
No more behavior in a trance
Otherwise what will be left
For sons and daughters here bereft?

My heart goes out to dear aborted unborn
No one so much as caring to mourn
Conceived, then killed in pain
One baby in four gets this disdain

Respect for life is what we need
Alpha-Omega, beginning to end
Knowing harvest and birth from planting of seed
Imagine dignity for all life: we must defend!
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