Beate E. Verterano

Plattsburgh, New York

Richie - Son-In-Law

A son-in-law reserved and quiet, His needs are few, with humble diet.
A charming smile on unshaven face,
For life as a father now himself he must brace.
With babies so small his family complete,
There are needs of lace dresses and shoes for the feet.
His strict ideals old fashionably sweet,
The children will learn as they ask for a treat.
"One toy a piece" he lovingly said, But pretty blue eyes leave the rules unfed.
And he's happy inside, it sure is a sight
There's a room full of toys to the children's delight.
The evening in studies and thoughts are spent
He ponders God's plan for this life that he lent,
He reads the good book in hopes to find,
Solutions to questions that trouble his mind.
But patience and faith is all that's required.,
And in time all things come, that are ever desired.
I'm so proud of my son-in-law, grade A scholar,
He's smart and thrifty, wastes not a dollar.
He always forgives me when I get too silly,
After too much of his beer and wonderful chili
So I thank the father in heaven above for the daughter who gave me a son to love.
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