Aubrey L. Hunter

Norfolk, Virginia

Oh Jesus

Ooooh Jesus Ooooh Jesus
I want to live for thee
You been a friend to me
You set my soul----free
An angel started singing to me
Ooooh Jesus Ooooh Jesus
I love you eternally
You made a new man of me
Changed my darkness to light
Made me do right

Ooooh Jesus Ooooh Jesus
I want to walk with you
Talk with you
Time is almost at an end
but with you it's just ----began.

Ooooh Jesus Ooooh Jesus
Life,The Mind and It's Very Existence The Mystery of Life There has been controversy about the world and life as we know it by scientists and poets.
The mind the way one thinks or feels, remembers, observe, object and understand.
Why some minds can conceive, articulate and others can't .
Heal disease or wound's. The mind is a complex work of art.
Only the mind of a superior being of great wonders beyond imagine could create it.
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