Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Waiting Around The Corner

Waiting Around the Corner
By Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Tired eyes with smoky,
Burning tears,
Fearful fainting heart,
Depressed mind and spiritless soul.

Ah! Lonesome, and forsaken,

Strange thoughts weaved a dreadful,
Gloomy and ambiguous world
Around this gorgeous,

Standing like a silent viol.

She ceaselessly kept staring
Towards the far end of the street.

Where luminous,
Colorful, glaring lights;

Brightened the crossroad beat.
In flaring mid -summer,
Flaming heat as in the city of Theiol.

Plodding, hustling, bustling
Peculiar people.

And familiar squall.
But she was appalled.

Waiting, wondering,
Abating her uprising passion.

Searching inquisitively;

And gazing them all.

She waited like a mournful dove.

But benevolently,
Leaning against the mouldy

Street light poll.

Where many disheartened lovers,
Waited ever before.

During the unfolding saga
Of their impudent love.

The freshness of her borrowed dress
Had slowly attenuated.

For she stooped for quite sometime,
To adjoin by her erratic beloved.

She was an immaculate tome.
But now she condoled

Her heart with immense grief.

And furiously, She wept,
And leapt towards her home.

Ashraf Gohar Goreja
Copyright February 4,2003
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