Aurelia Lucina Wealthberg

november 6, 2001-Algiers
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you, monster in my heart.

You, monster in my heart,
heartless creature from the abyss,
Your hideous figure haunts my soul,
Lurking In the shadows of my dreams,
just like a ghoul,

I feel your sight stalking me in the night,
I try to hide
in the sweet embrace of purple skies,
But your aura sticks
and your whispers live
on my skin, as chills
and uneasiness,
as I know how this will end,

Just like it always ends,
The skies can’t hide my heavy and overwhelming shame of a conscience,
The night creeps up on me with your claws,
As I hear loudly your silent steps,
And I hear your hungry breath closing on me,
That little hope that was left alone in the corner of my thoughts,
Dies alone, and is slowly, closely, being watched by your evil grin ,
as I am suffocating in your pictures

And whatever happiness and joy was left by my inner child,
Is stripped away like a pray from my glass mind,

Your take control over my heartbeats,
By crushing my neck slowly,
As you unforgiving demon ,
take down my weak inner joy,

As you replace them by tormented screams that make me wish
for a knife to cut my throat with,
For a lake to drown my sorrows in

They make me want to slowly rip my skin open with my bare hands

But that is what you wait for every night,
For me to crack open and give up to end the pain,
But I have lived being stubborn and tenacious,
And pain isn’t the one to take me and scare away,
As I squirm in torment,
I can still feel your eyes on me,

And I smile at the ceiling,since you stalk me from everywhere
And I laugh in the face of your purpose,
Don’t you know I am made out of pain?
Don’t you know you are aiming at an abyss?

As time made my body slightly stronger,
You won over my weak attempt at resistance,
But my body never ends the fight
And,even though you drain all I worked for,
You will never be the reason I end my journey for,

You may have me hanging on a cliff alone,
but I am never giving up holding on.

All rights reserved @Aurelia Lucina-13/07/2019
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