Alex Karahalios

February 29, 2004- Chicago, Illinois
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The Stone of Grief

The wind blows and wolves howl as I lay on the stone of grief
I lay on this hard yet cold stone as I express the grief of my lost one
The stone of grief in which my beloved mother lays underneath

The stone of grief lays on the grass that was once green
I hug the stone of grief as if I was hugging my beloved mother
She was the stone of happiness but now turned into the stone of grief

The rain pours slowly down on the stone of grief as if the rain were my tears
My mind is roaring of anger like the thunder within the rain
My whole body is a thunderstorm of emotions in which I can’t control

On the stone of grief lays the carved writing of my mother's name
There is no epitaph just my moms name she was never remembered
Only I remembered my beloved mother

I slowly rise up as I fly to my cold yet wet stone to lay underneath
If only you and I never went to the plane maybe then we'd be living together
Our stones will soon become the flowers and our corpses will become the soil

The soil represents the ear and the earth represents the life we had in the past
I will forever cherish the memories you and I once had as mother and son
Goodbye mother I hope your sleep of eternity will be as beautiful as your sad life
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