Zachary Fetters

January 14, 2001 - Kentucky
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An Ode to the Disgraced

The howls of the night air rap upon my window—
Rendering the mood among sullenly spacey.
The calm forever leaves me alone to my mind—
This is an Ode to the Wary.

As my thoughts make leaps and bounds—
Bringing new pain from what was wrought—
I contemplate The Sin and what it offers—
This is an Ode to the Distraught.

The raindrops weave paths down my windows—
As I struggle to find mine.
“Don’t worry, it’ll all pass soon.”—
I’ve heard this several times.

The clouds of worry engulf my sanity—
And my fears forever so—
As I plot a path to part the Nimbi—
Thriving within my soul.

I’ve sought the Chalice of Hades—
Hidden within society’s Turpitudes.
I’ve yearned for its taste for years—
But never once had the fortitude.

Its sweet nectar brings me great warmth—
And my body becomes ethereal.
The lights become dim—
And the brooding beyond, conceptual.

My story is written—
And my will is placed.
The last end-stop has set itself—
This was an Ode to the Disgraced.
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