Zach Ascot

1994 - United Kingdom
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Shining Veneto

Beneath the sun in shining Veneto,
Wondering freely alongside warm radiant houses,
Clinging vines embrace the structures,
Pastel streets developing,
Town life unfolds slowly,
Strolling as you wonder,
How did you ever forget this?

There's love in shining Veneto,
Love around every corner,
Love propped up by every barstool,
Love flies by on every cycle,
Enough love to make you a fool.
Love in every face that passes,
Love on the street,
A chance for bliss,
In those you meet.

I'll learn the language you'll soon see,
Then you'll finally be with me.
Away from what I know,
We'll take our time,
To watch our vineyard grow.
A new love will mature so pure and true,
My answer to life was always you.

Take my hand,
Lead me to where things don't hurt any more,
A small touch of kindness travels a long way,
Bypassing cynicism and misery,
A new love anchored and here to stay.

As our feelings build,
The vineyard grows in sync,
Soon to be sipping on lovers wine,
Together as one,
You saved me.
I felt what could be,
Now it's all that I see,
Please let me stay here forever.

It's easy to be happy here,
All we need is each other.
A warm soft embrace,
Closer than ever,
Rushed with radiant bliss and flooded with emotion,
Please don't let go,
Even though I know we can't stay here forever.

Darkness arrives,
All that can touch us is the moonlight,
Shining down on a new love that pulses in sync,
The Italian who saved me from the brink.
Now together as one,
Sleep tight,
We'll stay here as long as we can.

Only welcome these feelings,
When this time you know it's for real,
Numbing solace,
Cured with an injection of warmth,
Only found in such an embrace,
A closeness that leads to a special place,
Where life flows differently,
The present path you tread sways gently,
Leading to a softer future,
Where reality aligns with dreams,
Becoming how it was always meant to be.

We fell in love,
Under the sun in shining Veneto,
Soon to be left cold,
Empty and searching.

Zach Ascot
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