Wilmo C. Orejola

Pompton Plains, New Jersey

What Value Life

What value Life, ferment from a gooey, primordial concoction
From the kindling of stars 12 billion years ago; this genetic mutation,
This conscious oddity of Time, beating a zillion odds, O, gee!
This so-called life has become ultimately ME.

At Whose behest these births bring forth ancestral links of DNA
These fleeting trials of organic existence come to play
Arrogant, callous and privileged; oppressed, resigned and poor;
Than perceived values of class, than vested attributes, life is more.

This conscious world of hopeless infirmity, of suffering, of pain
Makes abortionists and Kevorkians among us seem compassionate and sane;
But the innocent succumb to judgement expedient, selfish, primitive
Who must decide which death is impartial, which Life is fit to live.

If the Universe we know in billion so years were to implode
Losing all civilization's gains, ending all evil and all good;
Why must man turn against brother, what intransigence's so profound,
Let's waste no time, let's coexist in peace face destiny we're all bound.

When this freak sprout of Time wilts, I should reflect
Have I helped other Lives live as I did mine with dignity and respect;
Only then to those million other seeds and lost chances, could I
Be proud and say: Thank you. Life was worth a try!
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