William C. Devine

Glendale, Arizona

The Calling Of The Sea

On an island far away,
Where the flowers are rich and varied,
And ocean breeze is fresh
Where I stood upon the shore

I could only be amazed
As I listened to the sea.
While the lapping of the surf
Played music upon my ears.

Then casting off my shoes,
I wandered down the beach,
Where I felt the misty air,
From the sea upon my face.

Then, as the cool ocean water came,
Swirling round my feet,
I felt the calling of the sea,
And I knew that I was home.

With a great cry of joy.
And a smile I couldn't resist,
I broke into a run,
And splashed through the surf.

I raised up my voice to
The gods of the sea;
Oh, let me be an islander,
And live forever here.
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